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Permanent Makeup Master Class

Learn the Art of Permanent Hair Simulation, Permanent Eyeshadow and Permanent Blush

Take your advanced permanent makeup skills to the next level with our 2 day Permanent Makeup Master Class. To enroll in the special Permanent Makeup Specialty Class you are required to have completed Advanced Permanent Makeup Training and Certification.

permanent hair simulationPermanent Hair Simulation -This highly skilled Permanent Makeup Specialty Course will teach you the correct method of applying permanent hair simulation, blending color to produce natural looking hair strokes and hair follicles. You will learn how to create a natural, more youthful hairline, fill in bald spots and thinning ares of the scalp. This procedure requires the use of special patented roller type needles that were designed specifically for this procedure.This skill is in very high demand and truly change the eyeshadow look image academylives of both men and women alike.

Permanent Eyeshadow – In this class you learn the special techniques used to create and  multi shaded, natural eyeshadow to enhance every shape of eye. The results are both dramatic yet subtle and takes permanent makeup to the next level. There are limitations to what permanent eyeliner can do when trying to correct or enhance the shape of the eye. What cannot be achieved with permanent eyeliner can be achieved with permanent eyeshadow in permanent eyeshadow and brows and blush 0 Look Image School RI FLcreating a more almond shaped eye and youthful looking appearance. Imagine giving a client the almond shaped eyes they have always dreamed of.

Permanent Blush – Rouge – You will learn how to create a natural, youthful complexion using specially designed needles and pigments. This revolutionary technique enhances the cheekbones using multi-toned and blended permanent makeup pigment to create natural looking, perfectly matched blush. This skill brightens the complexion of women of all ages.

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Permanent Makeup regulations vary from state to state and undergo frequent updates. Look Image Academy is not responsible for informing the public about the laws governing permanent cosmetics and encourages inquiring parties to examine the relevant statutes in their respective states and to contact county or city health officials for detailed information about local ordinances.